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Νίκος Παντερμαράκης






From 2000 until today , with a course of 15 years in the music business and more specific in MAINSTREAM scene Dj nsg ( NickPantermarakis ) is considered one of the most experienced DJ's with passion , energy , and a successfull career in Chania . He get born in 1985 in Chania and as he remember's himself there is music in his life.The professional initiation started at the café'' SANTE'' after that the café'' BORA BORA'','' THE GAME ' ','' KINHMATOGRAFOS'', etc. Also can not omit the passage from '' RADIO ALPHA'' as a radio producer. That was the start in his professional career ! Later followed by appearances as either Resident or Guest at very large and popular clubs (DESTIJL, MIST, DEJAVU, SEAU,) also equally popular BEACH BARS (COSTA COSTA, MAMBO, SIESTA).The proper knowledge of music education with the passage of time , passion and experience , reflected every time on the faces of all those who are lovers of '' MAINSTREAM'' scene and more specifically the '' HOUSE '' music.